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One Stop Bookkeeping is an experienced professional business support service specialising in taking the stress out of business bookkeeping responsibilities for business owners.

We handle all record keeping, payroll and GST compliance issues for you, in an efficient, timely and transparent fashion. We are a fully qualified registered BAS agent.

We offer training and support in moving your business to a secure contemporary cloud accountancy platform - Xero. 

Introducing June Henry

  • June Henry, One Stop Booking - Northern Rivers BAS Agent

    One Stop Bookkeeping

Our Services

  • Qualifications

    To become a registered BAS agent, an individual must meet the strict eligibility criteria, including the qualifications and relevant experience requirements.


    • We have vast experience in the industry
    • We are up to date with our registration and professional standing
    • We bring integrity and pride in our work to your business needs
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  • Experience

    There is a lifetime's experience behind what we do. You have to have a head for numbers, patience and dedication - but after years of helping small businesses keep good records and meet their obligations we know the ropes.


    • We';'ve done the hard yards!
    • We have integrity and ommitment to customer satisfaction
    • We are fast and efficient with a complete skillset.
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  • Eye for Detail

    We take metciulous care in our work because our job is to get it right and minimize the stress in your working life.


    • We take great care
    • We build long term relationships
    • We meet your deadlines
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  • Work Ethic

    Bookkeeping happens out of the public eye but it is a profession. The work we do is of crucial importance to the smooth running of our client's businesses. We pride ourselves in being good at our work. We always bring our projects in to deadline.


    • We believe in good communication and developing trust
    • We keep abreast of changes in legislation
    • We love our work!
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One Stop Bookkeeping. Northern Rivers BAS Agent.

2 Vintage Drive, Chilcotts Grass, 2480 NSW
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